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Although I deeply enjoy sharing my songs and leading people in worship, I am especially excited to be able to do so while also benefiting a very worthy cause. On Friday, April 12th, I will get to do just that. Only months ago, I was approached by two lovely women, Shelley and Lisa. They both possessed a beauty and vibrancy that went beyond anything exterior. Their beauty broke forth from the hope of the gospel firmly planted in their hearts and branching out like a canopy to cover the most vulnerable souls on earth–the unborn.

Here are Shelley’s own words:

Over my life I have had a lot of names. I was born Shelley Ann Imboden. At 21, I became Mrs. Shelley Lee, and a couple of babies later, I became known as David and Jon’s mom. More recently, the grandbabies have come and now my name is Mama Shelley. The name I’m most proud of is the one I’ve carried since the age of 11, ‘DAUGHTER OF THE KING.’

We all carry a lot of names. When a pregnancy is unplanned our culture has a lot of names for the baby, most of which are unkind: a blob of tissue, mass of cells, fetus, unwanted, unaffordable, too much to handle, and much more. The name-calling doesn’t stop there. They also have names for the mothers. Suddenly, she becomes one of ‘those girls,’ and she is disowned, rejected, cast out, forgotten, and she feels abandoned and hopeless. Then she finds the Ft. Worth Pregnancy Center and her name is changed. She learns that her baby is: precious, created by God, known by name, desired by Him, beloved and beautiful. And that she, herself is: valued, loved by God, and not alone. She becomes DAUGHTER OF THE KING! It is my deep hope that you will want to be a part of that transformation and that your name will be changed. Maybe your name will become: passionate, volunteer, donor, champion, supporter, prayer warrior, partner, rescuer, voice for the unborn, life-advocate. Will you rise to this challenge and join us in changing names?

Will you join me in raising our voices together in song that declare hope and a future for the unborn and their precious mothers? For more info, view this event here